Wind Vane Thies Compact TMR

Wind Vane Thies Compact TMR

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  • TMR wind direction sensor
  • Output: 10-bit serial-synchronous (compatible with Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers)
  • Measurement range 0 ... 360°
  • Accuracy ±1°

The wind direction is detected by a low-inertia wind vane. The axis of the wind vane is running in ball bearings and carries a diametrically magnetized magnet at the inner end.

The angle position of the axis is canned contact-free by a magnetic angle sensor, (TMR = Tunnel Magneto Resistance) which gives two sinus- and cosinus-dependent voltages as output signal.

A connected micro-controller calculates from this voltages the wind direction in 1024 sectors (0.35°/sector). Related to sector 1 is the wind direction 0°-35°, sector 1024 corresponds to the wind direction 359.65°-360°.