Ultrasonic Anemometer Lufft 2D Compact - V200A-UMB

Ultrasonic Anemometer Lufft 2D Compact - V200A-UMB

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  • Robust design and precise measurement of wind speed, wind direction, air pressure and calculation of acoustic virtual temperature
  • Maintenance-free  - no mechanical parts
  • Ideal for renewable energy applications
  • Heating for use in cold weather climates

Extremely precise and maintenance-free measurement of wind velocity and wind direction as well as calculation of acoustic virtual temperature. The ultrasonic wind sensor is seawater-resistant and designed without mechanical parts as they have been used with traditional “cups and vanes”.  The sensor is heated to remove frost and ice formation from the sensor.

The digital or analog output delivers instantaneous, average, min or max value with flexible measuring rate. We recommend using the Modbus RTU protocol for applications with Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers.

Wind speed and direction

The wind measurement element uses 4 ultrasound sensors which take cyclical measurements in all directions. The resulting wind speed and direction are calculated from the measured run-time sound differential.

Virtual temperature

Due to the physical relationship between the velocity of propagation of sound and the air temperature, the approximate ambient temperature can be determined with the aid of ultrasound sensors.

Air pressure

The air pressure is measured by an integrated air pressure sensor.